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August 07, 2007



yes. your mind is blown to bits. the beauty and significance of what it is trying to grasp, is too big for it. isn't that our description of god? that we cannot grasp the infiniteness?

deep love. thanks for reminding me.

does it truly matter whether it's mind or heart?

aren't they both meager descriptions to place that feeling of infiniteness?

note that in that amazing picture (now my desktop) the body is seemingly not involved in the explosion...

it's all one, dude

leon gork

Shalom Ethan, Thank you very much for that very perceptive piece on the correct meaning of heart. May I copy it on a page on my website: http//www.tevyetours.com
Leon's No News Bulletin 103? I prefer to offer my readers the article directly, instead of telling them to go to a link. I will also provide a link to your blog.
Yours truly
Leon Gork

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