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Shalom y'all.

I’m New-York born, now living in Israel. Studied Philosophy of Science at Tel-Aviv University. My professional career is in advertising and marketing, mostly on the creative side. In addition I spent a few years as an Associate Fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem. My field of research is biblical philosophy, as you can see both from the blog itself, and from the linked essays. My spiritual sensitivities, however, draw from a wide range of experience that includes a Yeshiva background as well as experiential trips, in the footsteps of Buddha, throughout India. Currently I am working on a book about the biblical concepts of the cosmos, the soul, and the afterlife. Another passion is large scale Abstract-Expressionist paining, which I wish I had more time for. Life, for me, is an attempt to synthesize between extremes, without diminishing the power of either. I would love to hear your take on my thoughts.

May you discover Light.